The Mini Trampoline; A Nutrisystem Recommended Exercise

Known in France, the mini-trampoline became trendy in the United States to improve the physical condition. As recreational or physiotherapy, you will make a leap towards good health!

Why the mini trampoline?

More and more people use the mini trampoline! Whether for overweight people, for people in rehabilitation and for children, mini trampoline will work your heart, your balance while avoiding repercussions due to the hard ground, which is very restrictive for your tendons, ligaments and joints. In the US, using the “rebounding ” has even been created in fitness centers. Exercise is a fundamental part of weight loss. Nutrisystem recommends the use of the trampoline to help with weight loss as it is fun and effective. On the sporting side, several sports teams of physiotherapists in France, do not hesitate to use it to complement their preparation. True fitness space, mini trampoline is used indoors or outdoors. It’s fun and it’s also very effective!

Heating the body before using the trampoline

As with any sport, trampoline requires an upstream heating especially in optimizing the distribution of the synovial fluid in joints, in order to optimize the use thereof. Synovial fluid acts as a lubricant in a joint. To do this, perform the movements of rotation of the ankles, the knees and also the shoulders and elbows. Once the muscles are stretched, put yourself up in the middle of the trampoline without shoes to promote the support and avoid sprain because of high soles. Start by running on the spot, alternate with climbs knee and heel / buttocks. Put into action your arms and shoulders by performing movements of opening and closing from bottom to top. Finally, first starting slightly two-footed leaps. Then increase the height of your jumps.

You will notice very quickly, cardiac stress working on a mini trampoline. To locate your body in space and on the mini trampoline, make a very fun last warm-up with a partner. The two people will hold hands and then will perform jumps by performing a half circle to the right to land on the mini trampoline with the partner. The warm-up will take about 5-7 minutes. Nutrisystem also recommends pacing yourself with these exercises and once you feel any discomfort, stop and consult a professional.

Can I use the mini trampoline for rehabilitation?

Absolutely! Mini trampoline are seen in the offices of physiotherapy. Yet every person wishing to prevent sprain or continue the work with his physiotherapist, can very easily get a mini trampoline in major sports stores, at a very reasonable price. Nutrisystem is an affordable program and so are the exercise that are suggested by Nutrisystem.

To regain stability of the ankle, the knee without taking risks, know that there are mini trampolines equipped with a small fence to keep you from falling. Begin the exercise by jumping on one leg. At one point you will stop jumping, keeping yourself on one leg without moving. Variant with two trampolines bonded to each other to make side leaps. Even as soon as you are told “stop”, you hold your resting position on one leg without moving. A variation is by starting back to your partner, and having a bearing on the soles. When he tells you “stop”, you do a half twist to keep yourself on one foot without moving, catching a ball. This ball will be thrown by your partner. Exercising, just like dieting with Nutrisystem can be much fun. Besides, finding a proper Nutrisystem promo code has never been easier with our website updating on a weekly basis, enjoy the savings!