Windsor James


Windsor is a worker. He will put in hours for a trick and usually walks out smiling. He is a funny guy to be around and usually has something entertaining to say in any scenario.

DOB: 08-05-1986
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO.
Sponsors: Mystery, C1rca, Spitfire, Venture, 303 Boards, Loud Headphones, Shake Junt.
Favorite skaters: Angel Ramirez, Nick Trapasso, Tony Rave, Andrew Reyonolds, Dennis Durrant
Favorite skate spots: D Park, Powerspot, DIA Rail


Thrasher: Deathwish Premiere Thrasher: Deathwish Premiere

April 01, 2013
Deathwish Video 5 years in the making premiered in LA on Saturday. Watch Phepls Hyjinx and Fallen rider Jon Dickson turn Pro!

Thrasher Burnout : Dawg Dayz Thrasher Burnout : Dawg Dayz

March 07, 2013
Midwinter rail sesh in sunny Nor-Mex with Mystery riders Windsor James, Trevor Colden & Blackbox filmer Lannie Rhoades

KR3W KLIPS: Las Vegas KR3W KLIPS: Las Vegas

March 05, 2013
Mystery Pro Windsor James ripping in the first KR3W KLIPS installment.

 How To: Halfcab Backside 50-50 With Windsor James How To: Halfcab Backside 50-50 With Windsor James

February 11, 2013
This Week on the Ride Channel Windsor James shows you how to half cab backside 50-50.