Tom Asta


Tom has the perfect combination of technical skating and the ability to go big. He continues to live on the east coast and travels back and forth to the west to skate and film. He quickly made it to the pro ranks with 3 video parts and countless web footage and commercials.

DOB: 01-12-1990
Hometown: Langhorne, PA.
Sponsors: Mystery, LRG, Thunder, Spitfire, MophieReign Skate
Favorite skaters: Chris Cole, Josh Kalis, Ishod Wair, Pete Eldridge
Favorite skate spots: Local parks by my house, Philadelphia


12 Pack: Tom Asta 12 Pack: Tom Asta

March 18, 2014
Tom had a hell of a week! Too much good stuff to name: Peep his Pro Spotlight Video & Interview if you haven't already and celebrate with this banging 12 Pack.

LRG Re-Placing Tom Asta LRG Re-Placing Tom Asta

March 15, 2014
Tom Asta gets re-placed with this rad clip from LRG.

Tom Asta Knows Thunder Trucks Tom Asta Knows Thunder Trucks

March 15, 2014
Check out Tom's new Thunder commercial and find out how to win your own set inside!

Tom Asta Pro Spotlight Video Tom Asta Pro Spotlight Video

March 13, 2014
While the majority of his previous video parts were filmed while traveling, away from his hometown of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Tom Asta’s Pro Spotlight Video features a majority of East Coast footage. From the suburbs of the PA area to the iconic spots of Philadelphia, as well as a couple California clips sprinkled in for good measure, this is a mix we’ve yet to see from Tom until now.