Sascha Daley


Sascha is Canadian. He skates fast and goes big. He spends most his time back and forth from Canada to the states. Be on the look out for this guy!


Quick Clip: Sascha Daley Quick Clip: Sascha Daley

April 20, 2014
Sascha Daley gets gnarly and creative in The Skateboard Mags latest Quick Clip by olloclip. Filmed by Jamie Thomas using the olloclip 4-in-1 fisheye lens.

Red Dragons Present: Red Dragons Present: "FSU" Tour Video

February 09, 2014
The Red Dragons team tour around Canada, hitting heavy spots & Demo madness. Featuring Mystery Am Sascha Daley and many others.

Hellaclips Exclusive: Alganorte Park Montage Hellaclips Exclusive: Alganorte Park Montage

January 29, 2014
Check out this edit by of the new Alganorte Park, featuring Chris Cole, Sascha Daley, Kyle Fredrick and much more.

FSU Fridays: Sascha Daley FSU Fridays: Sascha Daley

March 05, 2013
Mystery Am Sascha Daley takes you through his travel necessities while on a trip to Shenzhen, China.