John Rattray


Originally from Scottland, John Rattray is a veritable skateboarding ATV with a deep bag of tricks and a keen eye for interesting spot selection upon which to execute them on, over, down, under, et all. Not afraid to slay any harsh tranny without hesitation, and also not a stranger to the varied urban landscape that cities have to offer across the globe, Rattray really is a well-rounded ripping man of the world. Be sure to check out his site for some clever and interesting and often skate-based posting, and die-hard Rattray fans will also want to check his work in the “Beez” videos as well as the now cult classic skateboard industry parody film, “Machotaildrop“.

Hometown: Mos Eisley
Sponsors: Zero, Thunder, Poler, Modus, Mob Grip, Loud
Favorite skaters: Bounty hunters
Favorite skate spots: Moon-sized imperial military space-stations; as long as the stormtroopers are on their holidays


Paper Trail Paper Trail

August 20, 2013
Check out this experimental animation from Joe Pease featuring John Rattray, Kyle Leeper, and Jake Johnson.

New Balance Numeric – A Place in the Sun New Balance Numeric – A Place in the Sun

August 09, 2013
New Balance Numeric added two new riders and proudly release their first video," A Place in the Sun".

Skateboarder Mag / $lave The Long Way Home Article 2012 Skateboarder Mag / $lave The Long Way Home Article 2012

May 09, 2013
Skateoarder Magazine Flash Backs to $lave Skateboards article from our Jun/July 2012 Issue.

Raging Ramp Session at Unheard Raging Ramp Session at Unheard

January 03, 2013
John Rattray and Fallen flow rider Lockwood shred the Unheard ramp.