Jamie Thomas


Hailing from Alabama comes the founding father of Zero SkateboardsFallen Footwear, Jamie Thomas, a.k.a. ‘The Chief. As an original pioneer of groundbreaking street gnar on the board, Jamie continues to push himself to progress while balancing both family & business; while still enjoying skateboarding daily.

Hometown: Dothan AL

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Zero,Fallen, Thunder, Bones Swiss, Mob Grip Ollo Clip, Active Ride Shop, Citizen Juice


Tony Cervantes Pro Party Tony Cervantes Pro Party

January 07, 2014
Check out this quick clip from Tony Cervantes' surprise pro party now inside.

Burnout: Tony Loco Burnout: Tony Loco

January 03, 2014
Tony Cervantes is Officially Pro! Check out the pro party photos now at thrashermagazine.com. Congrats Tony!

Storytime: Jamie Thomas Storytime: Jamie Thomas

January 02, 2014
King Shit Skateboard Magazine interviews Jamie Thomas on the 'leap of faith'. Watch now inside.

Skate More Interviews Jamie Thomas Skate More Interviews Jamie Thomas

December 26, 2013
Skate More sits with Jamie Thomas and talk Zero " Cold War" , Fallen "Road Less Traveled" and much more now on www.skatemorespots.com