James Brockman


Brockman is possesed to skate and there’s no other way to put it, dark forces just may be afoot when James is barreling toward the precocious obstacles which he chooses to make his prey. If the world were Brockman’s oyster, then his skating would crash down on the unsuspecting spots like an unholy apoccolyptic tidal-wave. The crazy part is, along the way James might take some horrific slams and climb right back up the stairs for another go at it without a second thought. This sort of lights-out determination yields way to super heavy video parts. If you need something to bring out the demons in you before you go do battle with the hammer gods in the streets, then fire up one of Brockman’s sections and really get stoked.

DOB: 02-22-1983
Hometown: San Diego, CA.
Sponsors: Zero, Thunder, Pacific Drive
Favorite skaters: Chris LaRue, Stinky Mike
Favorite skate spots: Everywhere & Nowhere


Zumiez: Cold War Signing & Premier Photos Zumiez: Cold War Signing & Premier Photos

November 23, 2013
Check Out some photos from the Zero "Cold War" Mission Valley Zumiez signing and premier! Photos shot by: Jeff Halleran

Zero Cold War: James Brockman Zero Cold War: James Brockman

November 11, 2013
James Brockman grabs first part of Zero Cold War going fast and committing to everything! - Watch now on the Thrashermagazine.com

World's Best Premiere: Zero Cold War World's Best Premiere: Zero Cold War

November 11, 2013
World's Best handles the Zero red carpet like none other and Nobody is safe...

Zero Cold War: Intro Zero Cold War: Intro

November 09, 2013
Here's a quick barrage of some of the slams and makes that went into this epic project. Full parts start Monday. Watch now on thrashermagazine.com!