New GoFundMe Skatepark Project

Vista, California skateboarder and Blackbox employee Austin Lee is asking for your help and donations to fully fund 3 new skatepark projects throughout the US.

Here is a little more information from Austin about this project:

My intent was to create an organization that generated revenue which would then be donated to skate park projects around the globe.

If everyone who was interested in helping build skateparks around the world simply pitched in a few dollars, large portions of money could be then donated to a few select parks all throughout the world.

But, it simply wouldn’t be fair to collect peoples money without previously telling them exactly what skatepark organization their money is going to.

Which is why I’m lowering the asking price from $150,000 to 30,000 and selecting 3 parks that caught my interest and the reasons why I’ve selected them. If the goal is reached, each of the 3 cities will then receive a $10,000 donation.

1. -Cloquet skatepark committee- location: Cloquet MN.

Reason being, I’m originally from St. Cloud Minnesota and had helped build a skate park in our town. During the time of completion, Cloquet began their skate park committee.
I got in contact with advocate, Matt Q. Anderson and he has told me of multiple fundraisers over the last couple years, shoveling driveways for free to gain petitions and even spent years serving on the parks and recreation board. After a couple years of hard work and dedication, I think Cloquet deserves some hard hitting donations in order to receive their goal of $250,000.00

2. -Vista skatepark committee-
Location: Vista CA.

This may seem bias being that I currently live in vista. However, the reason behind their donation is because I have personally met most of the members on the committee and they are some of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met. Vista’s project has been in the makings for several years now and has made great stride in coming closer to completion. After years of convincing nay-Sayers on the council and throughout neighborhoods, the mayor and city council have approved the concept of not just one but two locations in vista! This just means their gonna need a little more funding to begin the construction phases. Big ups to Jack and the vista skatepark coalition, your hard work is not unrecognized!

3. -Birmingham skatepark committee-
Location: Birmingham Alabama

I don’t know a whole lot about this project, but I do know that this place needs a skatepark and the skaters are heavily involved which is my absolute favorite. With nearly 1000 supporters for this skatepark and years of perseverance in getting the concept designs, city approval of both the park and the location they are currently in the fundraising stage. They are looking to raise $400,000.00

For those who support skateboarding and also understand the struggles that skateboarders deal with by having limited access to a public use facility, this is your opportunity to help out.
Please understand that I am not here to profit in any way except through self gratification. I will be posting progress through Instagram and Facebook and am hoping you continue to follow up on these projects as I will be.

Instagram: @therealeelnitsua

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