10Qs with Sascha Daley

Interview by Jeff Halleran
Photos by Shigeo
For the record, how is your first name correctly pronounced, Sascha?
Sass-sha. It’s not pronounced, Sosh-a.
How was it skating the recent Best Trick contest at Crossroads with The Phelper on the mic, and what did you spend your winnings on?
It’s was pretty tight! I spent it on groceries and then my brother and I went out for drinks that night because he was out for Crossroads.
What’s your official Sascha Daley brew of choice?
Lucky Lager, I grew up drinking it in Canada. But more recently it’s been all about Lowenbrau.
How did you initially meet Jamie Thomas and get involved with Black Box Distribution?
I met him through Smith and I got involved with Black Box from skating the park with Ryan. I met Drake Jones in the midst of that and he started flowing me stuff.
You’re a Red Dragon, correct? Can you name four of Moses Itkonen’s past board sponsors?
I am indeed a Red Dragon; and the four sponsors I got for Moses are: Powell, Platinum, Mad Circle, Skull Skates.
What’s the best security guard confrontation story you have that comes to mind?
Around the time that the first RDS video was being filmed, the one Ryan Smith has first part in, ‘RDS FSU’, my friend Sean Hayes and I were getting kicked out of this gap spot with a fountain after it. There’s like 7 feet of landing before you run off into the fountain. He was trying a trick, bailed his board, but landed back on his board on his ass and rolled off into the fountain. He got soaked, but then walked up to the security guard and popped his collar at him so that all this disgusting fountain water shit sprayed all over him. It was pretty funny to us, but the security guard definitely wasn’t feeling it.
Classic board graphic re-births are pretty common lately it seems. If you could resurrect the funk on an OG graphic with a Sascha Daley-twist, what would it be?
Maybe like an old Tom Penny board. Maybe the one with the mushroom on it. I’ve always thought that graphic was pretty sick.
Pretty much every photo I see of you are of total ‘holy-crap-status’ maneuvers. Was it a gradual progression getting to that point or have you always been into jumping down huge stuff?
It was pretty gradual, but I used to jump off the roof of my house with garbage bags as a parachute. I think I was like 6 or something.
What are some of the raddest things about being Canadian?
Health Care, Wilderness, pretty much everything’s tight about growing up in Canada. We have really good parks in Canada: you can drink beers, smoke, play music loud. It’s amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cops at any of the parks there.
Who all do you get sponsorship support from, currently?
I get help from Mystery, Indy, RDS Apparel, DC, Bones, Ogio, Nixon, MOB Grip, and Showcase Skate Shop.
If you could look into a crystal ball and see your future a year from now, what would it look like?
Be Am for Mystery and DC; filming a full video part for them, and hanging out with my girlfriend and homies as much as I can while skating everyday.