10Qs with Pat Burke

Interview by Jay Thorpe
Photos by Shigeo and J-HON
What’s been going on at your house?
Oh dude. I found a new TV in the dumpster. We have 4 TVs at my house right now. I know two of them work cus I turned one of them on, the big one. Like, four people have to carry it. And that one turns on so I gotta get a remote for it or something. But I gotta change the sprinklers though cus it’s sprinklering all over the TV. I got two new chairs too. A found a desk yesterday by the dumpster. That wasn’t yesterday that was like two days ago but like half the stuff I’ve found have been by the dumpster.
Who’s the normal posse that chills at your house?
Dude. It’s quiet now. I almost expect nobody to come over cus my neighbor moved out and these little scumbag skater neighbor kids who would always drop by and be like, “Hey. You got a beer? You got cigs?” They’re not there anymore. I don’t know where they are. Luera, I haven’t seen in like a week. He left a note on the door, a Post-It. So like, he dropped by but I think I was just passed out like a rock. Sometimes he’s like the boy who cries wolf and I don’t know where he goes. And then he just breaks out for a week. I guess, dude, he’s gotta get his ya-yas out or something. What can we all do?
How’s the Isuzu Rodeo doing?
Piece of shit. Ah. I had to drop it off today to get a new tire and the guy said luckily I did drop it off that day or else he said by the end of the day my tire probably would have exploded on me. So I think it’s a pretty good thing.
Weren’t you thinking about getting a new car though? Like a Datsun or something?
Something like that. I’ve been talking about that for like a year now. A little Datsun. Or actually I seen a raper van when I was walking around on the street and shit. I can see like me and Mar, our sketchy asses in the front of it with only like one window you can see in to. All I really want are the two captain chairs anyway. And a little chill spot. Pretty much that’s what my car became anyways.
Did you just watch your video part?
Yeah. We watched a few things up there and dude, he’s (Ben Horton) killing it! Dude, I’m psyched on everything single thing I’ve seen up there. Things fade and shit. Intros.
Any last minute bangers for your part?
I got a scab on my big toe so I don’t even know about that. I think like, subliminally, I like to be injured or something. My feet are haggard man! I’ve had athletes foot like on and off for like 6 years.
Can you give me the real explanation of a Damiey?
Why yes Jay I will. There are three kinds of people in this world. There are your friends. We all have them. A friend is like someone you see and you’re like, “Ah, what’s up man?” You may not always know they’re names but they’re not bad people. Then we have Homies. You’ve heard of them before. You’ll see them and you’ll be like, “Yeah Boyeee!” Homies are a step above friends. But then at the top of the fucking castle: Damieys! The limited few. See Ian, he’s my Homie, but there are a few more things he’s gonna have to do to become a Damiey. (laughter) And then your Damiey you’re like “YYYEEAAAHHHH!!!!” like, punch him in the arm and hug him or something. The Damieys never change! The Damieys stay there for Life! Actually sometimes people get knocked off the Damieys.
Top Three Damiey’s?
I got a few. But there are a few different V-Towns. There’s Vancouver, Vista, and Virginia. So if I’m gonna throw in my second hometown where I’m from, Virginia, number one Damiey-Squeeze Deluxe is Schned-4-5-fucking-6. That guy’s an awesome dude. You’re all gonna meet him in like August, Schned-4-5-6. So V-Town number 2, now we’re in Vista. I’m gonna just throw a ham sandwich to Luera, that guy is awesome! He makes me laugh every time I see him, sometimes just looking at his face. He is genius! Everything about him! Then we go to Vancouver, the other V-Town that I love, would be Sheldonious Meleshinski. I might have to go for Code-Man, his brother too, the whole Meleshinski family. Sheldon’s always been the best Damiey. The thing about Damieys is you don’t have to call and check up on them. You know the Damiey when you see him next time he’s gonna be the exact same Damiey he was before. So Schned, Luera, Meleshinski. I just noticed that all my Damieys are goofy footers, I’m the only one who’s regular. So that’s pretty random. They can all back smith too. I can’t back smith.
It makes sense you and Sheldon are Damieys. You could almost be Canadian.
I feel like there’s some Canada blood in me. I wish I was. Canada is an awesome place man I always wanna go. That’s why I’ll be telling myself people who get DUI’s and stuff, they can’t go. So like, you’ve had a few beers and wanna go to the 7-11 and get smokes. Ask yourself this, “So are those cigarettes really worth never ever going to Canada again? Fuck No!!!” I’ll quit smoking for Canada.
What’s the last trip you went on?
Northwest with the $lave posse. We went to Portland for the first time, I’ve never been there. I left 21 years old and came back 22. Shit. All the Damieys! Everyone on that trip was a Damiey. If you were a homie before you came back as a Damiey. Everyone was on the same level. Everyone wanted to do the same shit. Favorite part of the trip was the two nights we spent in Portland which were both awesome. Cus the environment there is just so, so, Dank. Such a Dank Environment! The atmosphere was Chronic! That was why. I mean I left the city with no voice and piss pants for Christ’s sake.