10Qs with Frecks

Interview by Jeff Halleran
Photos by J-HON
What happened the day you broke your rib and ruptured your spleen, what trick was it on?
Skating Dave B’s ramp, drinking some brews with the crew, smoking some darts when, BAM!!!! Out of there!. Lacerated spleen. Apparently I can’t 5-0. Weak!!
Were you coherent enough to rap with the paramedics in the helicopter when you got airlifted to the hospital?
Yeah I was jacked though. I guess it was only a six minute ride. Seemed longer. Can’t really see anything. They should make helicopters out of glass so you can see everything. 360 degrees of confusion.
How long do spleens usually take to heal themselves?
Five to six weeks of nothing but smoking heavy brain darts. No drinking, no skating. Weak, weak and weak.
What are you going to do to keep busy while your body heals up from all this?
Chilling, listening to tunes, playing drums, hanging out with the homies. Watch them skate and get some good visuals. Brain darts all day! Irie. 

Can you name any other skaters who also ruptured their spleen?
Thin lips, also known as Sean Conover. But he got it way worse for sure. PeePee Kid, and I’m sure there’s others.
Are you still drumming in a band? If so, how’s that going and what is your group’s current name? If not, do you ever get a chance to jam out on some tunes with the homies in the garage?
Not as of right now. Bass player Muds is in the mountains living it up for a while and the guitarist, don’t know what he’s doing. His head is in his own culo. Still jam with other fools! Psychedelic Priest will rise again.
If you could only bring three things with you on a skate trip, besides your board and the clothes on your back, what would those items be and why?
Music, weed, tent. All the obvious essential items of life.
Who is Randy, and what can you tell people about the gravity crock-pot?
Randy’s my pops he holds it down. Not a crock pot, gumbo pot. That’s when you’re on serious red levels. It takes you where you need to go.
Your mom always seems stoked when there’s Frecks news posted on the Black Box Facebook page, has she always been pretty supportive of your skating?
She’s nuts. Don’t know anything. About that Facebook…fucking wack. But Mom’s kills it. She’s tight. Definitely down for the cause yeah!
Is it cool having other ginger skaters go on trips with you? What advice or shout outs do you have for the rest of the ginger skating world out there?
Ginger army. If you don’t know figure it out.