4 Tips for Getting Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

4 Tips for Getting Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

If you’re like most people in modern America, you’ve probably tried your hand at losing weight at one point or another. Many people find that the first five to ten pounds slip off fairly easily. Unfortunately, just as you start feeling motivated and confident, you might find that your weight loss slows or stall entirely. Losing the last ten pounds can feel just as stressful as losing the first fifty. I’m here with a few tips on what you can do if your weight-loss progress is stalling.

1. Buy a food scale.

Most of the time, the calories for a food will be listed by serving. You’ll see that one serving is 150 calories and figure you can easily afford to eat it. But if you don’t measure your food, you might be eating two or three servings without being aware. You can pick up a simple kitchen scale for less than $20 and use it to get a more accurate idea of how many calories you are actually consuming.

2. Keep a food journal.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a busy schedule and rarely get to sit down and eat a full meal. I eat a lot of snacks. I’ll much on a handful of almonds at my desk or a protein bar in my car without ever feeling like I am eating all that much. However, once I started to write down everything I eat, I realized I was actually eating a lot! Writing down my consumption helped to keep me accountable and kept off the pounds.

3. Try turning your diet over to the professionals.

Weight loss can be a full-time job. Hollywood stars hire personal trainers and chefs to keep their bodies in shape. That isn’t a realistic option for most working people, but it isn’t a bad idea to turn some of the cooking over to the pros. Weight loss systems like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are famous because they take a lot of work out of losing weight. If you’re using Jenny Craig, you’ll meet with a consultant either over the phone or in person. The consultant will create a meal plan just for you, and you can pick it up at a Jenny Craig center or have your meals delivered conveniently to your door. Nutrisystem is similar and allows you to buy meal plans at low daily rates. Their meal plans are customized to meet your health needs, with vegetarian options available. Nutrisystem offers lower prices, but both can fit into your food budget.

4. Change your exercise routine.

Although weight-loss and gain is most associated with diets, your exercise routine can also have an impact on your body shape and fitness. Even if it feels uncomfortable at first, try changing your routine every few months to make sure you continue to get the benefits of your workout. Try consulting a personal trainer for more advice for every situation.…